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    Why the Fitness Industry is Out of Shape

    Do you want to be ripped? Do you want to be a lean mean barbell bending machine? Well, what are you waiting for? With 4 easy payments of $39.95, you can have the rock hard body you’ve always wanted. But wait! (insert siren) If you act now, you’re going to get a whole bunch of […]

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    Personal Training for Kids – A Fast Track to Busted Joints

    As if it’s not bad enough watching personal trainers destroy their client’s joints with their “go hard or go home Youtube workouts,” it’s much more trying and frustrating for me to see a trainer taking years off a kid’s mobility by the way they train them. Believe me; I’d like nothing more than to step […]


    Exercise! How Much Should It Hurt?

    According to the countless advertisements on TV, the never ending “Beast Mode” workout posts on social media, and the ever growing number of people waiting in line for their brand new knees, backs, hips, and shoulders, I’d say exercise hurts like hell! But the truth is…it shouldn’t hurt at all.   When did exercise stop […]


    Personal Training – Are You Paying an Arm and a Leg?

    Can you imagine if the food industry had zero accountability? It’s certainly not perfect now, but can you imagine the mess if there was no regulation about what food companies put both in and on packaging. They could say one thing on the packaging, and then put something completely different inside the package. It’s a […]

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    Eating is a Business Decision

    Believe me, I know it can be an absolute headache to stay on a healthy eating plan with a busy work schedule, but I’m going to help you out. No, this isn’t another article aimed at beating you over the head to eat healthier; we’ve got way too many of those around already. I simply […]


    Fit or Fraud – The Top 5 Most Costly Mistakes Made by Personal Trainers

    Way back in 1992 when I very first started my personal training business it seemed that everyone knew a trainer. Now days, it seems everyone is a trainer and that my friend is a very bad thing for the fitness industry, and an even worse thing for those who use personal trainers. Oh yes – […]


    Train It or Treat It?

    “When you’re young, you don’t think very far ahead. You just think in terms of the next day, the next week, the next competition. You don’t think about injuries that could threaten your long-term health.” Katarina Witt   The following are just some of the statistics I compiled while researching for my book, A Body […]

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    Why Your Fitness is a Business Decision

    The goals with any company, both big and small, are to thrive, be efficient in its workings, and to make constant progress toward profit and growth — all while maintaining the integrity and strength of its products. And when it comes to making business decisions within a company, those decisions will impact everything and will […]

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    Paying For Pain

    Paying For Pain   Do you consider exercise and overall fitness as sound investments in your health and future well being? If so, do you also see hiring a personal trainer or “exercise expert” as money well spent to ensure you get the most out of your fitness and wellness routine? While I absolutely agree […]

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    The #1 Knee Killing Exercise in the Gym – How leg extensions are destroying your knees…and your back!

    It’s unfortunate that one of the most popular and common leg exercises done today is also one of the most damaging. In fact, leg extensions in a lot of ways causes more damage to the knees than any other leg exercise. That’s hard to believe isn’t it? In addition, performing the leg extension improperly (which […]

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