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    The Top 2 Mistakes that Make Wellness Programs Sick

    The whole idea with creating a wellness program within a corporation is to help employees’ live healthier lives both at work and home which in turn leads to better and more efficient productivity for the company. It’s supposed to reduce the number of doctor visits by employees, the number of missed days from sickness, and […]


    Five Things You Have to do to Live Your Best Life Possible

     Of the 7.3 billion people living on this earth today there is one thing that is certain for every single one of us; we all want to live our best lives possible. Am I right? Is it possible that every living soul in this world today can live their best lives regardless of the condition […]

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    Are You in Therapy? You Should Be!

    You might think I’m crazy, but physical therapy is not just for those in rehabilitation and as a matter of fact, everybody should be doing it as part of their workouts. Look at it like this: The goals of physical therapy are to stabilize an injury, restore and increase range of motion, instill balance throughout […]


    Shouldering; the Burden

    5 reasons you’re destroying your shoulders by the way you exercise If you walked into any gym, boot camp, personal training studio, or popular exercise class and took a survey of how many people currently has shoulder pain, you’re going to get an overwhelming number of people to raise their hand; or just shake their […]

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    Fit or Fraud?

    How do you know if that fitness advice you’re getting is truly fit, or fit for the trash? Bobby Whisnand, “The Exercise Doctor” What’s the first thing you do or think when someone offers advice to you on exercise? Do you quickly evaluate this person’s physique and appearance and then rate their advice on how […]


    Visualization – The Real Brain Food!

    What’s one of your all time greatest memories? Think about it for a second. What you’re more than likely doing is seeing this memory in your mind’s eye with pictures, sounds, colors, and other associations. It’s just what our minds do when we recall something from our past, but isn’t it amazing how your mind […]


    “Being comfortable is okay and kind of average, but being tenacious, inspired, and unsatisfied is where all the fun stuff happens.”

    “Being comfortable is okay and kind of average, but being tenacious, inspired, and unsatisfied is where all the fun stuff happens.”  -Bobby Whisnand “The Exercise Doctor” Would you like Bobby Whisnand, “The Exercise Doctor” to speak at your company? It’s a lot easier than you think and the best part of it all, it can […]

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    The Exercise Doctor: The Glass is Half Empty

    I’ve never been one to look at anything as half full, and I hope I can convince you to do the same. While I do understand the positive connotations that go along with this age old saying, perceiving things as “half full” way to often lends itself to the association that half full is good […]

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    The Exercise Doctor – Top 10 Most Costly Mistakes Made in Exercise

    Mistake #1 – Using bad form and technique – No matter what program you use, if you are doing the exercises incorrectly, it will cause damage either now or later. At least 90% of the people I see exercising are using bad form and technique and it’s typically because they want to get done quickly […]

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    The Exercise Doctor – For when your workout is sick!

    Are you sick and tired of being told to exercise and eat better? I bet most of you are, simply because you’re tired of hearing something you already know. I don’t blame you one bit; I’m tired of hearing it too, even though I’ve built my life around it and I love doing it. In […]