• Motivational

    Motivational Speaker

    Bobby's dynamic personality and wealth of expertise in health and fitness make him a popular motivational speaker. To learn more and to schedule his inspirational message to your organization click here.

  • Author


    "It's All Heart" a self help book by Bobby Whisnand is scheduled for release in 2015. “With this book I will give you a different and unique way to look at exercise and fitness by reacquainting you with your heart. I want to put things into perspective on how every little thing you do from the time you’re born affects your heart in one way or another."

  • Exercise

    Exercise Therapy

    Healing the body through Exercise Therapy, Bobby teaches the correct way to exercise for a long and pain free life while maximizing results.

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition Designer

    Proper nutrition is the key to a successful fitness plan. Bobby clears up misconceptions about food and shows you why good diets go bad. Learn what’s good and not so good for proper nutrition for heart health and weight management.

  • Personal

    Personal Trainer

    Working one-on-one with people to improve their health and fitness.

  • It’s

    It’s All Heart

    Bobby's fitness program is designed to retain mobility and maximize health. It combines resistance exercises with cardiovascular activity and includes a ‘how to’ segment, nutrition segment, and exercising with pre-existing injuries. Includes 4 DVDs.