Archive: Nov 2015

    Train It or Treat It?

    “When you’re young, you don’t think very far ahead. You just think in terms of the next day, the next week, the next competition. You don’t think about injuries that could threaten your long-term health.” Katarina Witt   The following are just some of the statistics I compiled while researching for my book, A Body […]

    Why Your Fitness is a Business Decision

    The goals with any company, both big and small, are to thrive, be efficient in its workings, and to make constant progress toward profit and growth — all while maintaining the integrity and strength of its products. And when it comes to making business decisions within a company, those decisions will impact everything and will […]

    Paying For Pain

    Paying For Pain   Do you consider exercise and overall fitness as sound investments in your health and future well being? If so, do you also see hiring a personal trainer or “exercise expert” as money well spent to ensure you get the most out of your fitness and wellness routine? While I absolutely agree […]