Everything Bobby is about including what he teaches in fitness, his keynote presentations, and his books, is built on having the heart to fight for a better life. He truly believes we can all have the heart of a champion.





His abstract, “Built in America: Making wellness fit for life!” was published in the 2017 Journal of Obesity and Eating Disorders.
In addition to Fitness Frauds: Exposing the Truth About Drugs, Lies, and Flex Appeal,
Whisnand is also the author of It’s All Heart; A Body To Die For: The Painful Truth About Exercise; 12 Rounds: A Day To Day Guide To A Better Life; and 12 Rounds Exercise Program.


– BS in Psychology and Biology from Midwestern State University
– International Sports Science Association Certified Personal Trainer
– International Sports Science Association Certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy
– International Sports Science Association Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition
– International Sports Science Association Certified Elite Trainer
– Cooper Clinic Certified Personal Trainer

– Published abstract in the Journal of Obesity and Eating Disorders 2017
– Global article publication for Polar Heart Rate Company 2017
– Doctor and Surgeon Endorsed
– Fitness Expert for the Dallas Division of the American Heart Association
– 3 years as a Behavioral Therapist
– Community Team Committee Chair, American Heart Association
– 27 years in fitness
– Author: Fitness Frauds: Exposing the truth about Drugs, Lies, and Flex Appeal | It’s All Heart | A Body To Die For; The Painful Truth About Exercise | 12 Rounds; A Day To Day Guide To A Better Life | 12 Rounds Exercise Program
– Corporate Wellness Program Design: Secrets to Lifelong Wellness | An Appetite For Life | 12 Rounds
– International Keynote Speaker: Over 500 presentations on heart health, exercise, stress management, nutrition,
corporate wellness, and motivation. He has spoken on behalf of the Dallas American Heart Association at over 60 events.


Bobby has designed fitness programs for all walks of life, varying levels of ability, and different exercise or preferences.
With Bobby’s programs you’ll not only learn how to exercise in the exact right ways for your needs, abilities, and goals,
you’ll be able to work out in ways that fit your lifestyle, your schedule, and your preferences.