The Exercise Doctor – For Your Tired Employees

Do you think your employees are sick and tired of being told to exercise and eat better? I bet most of them are simply because they are tired of hearing something they already know. I can’t blame them; I’m tired of hearing it too, even though I’ve built my life around it and I love […]

The Exercise Doc – for when your workout is sick!

How would you feel if you learned that the very things you have been doing for years in your exercise routine were actually making your body sick and robbing years and quality from your life? It sounds ridiculous right? What if the very way you are exercising is the main cause of that nagging back […]

Can You Handle the Truth About Your Workout?

How do you really know if your workout is benefiting you? Are you judging it by how you look physically, how much weight you’ve lost or gained, how strong you are at certain exercises, or from its popularity because everyone else is doing it? You may not like what I’m about to say but sometimes […]