Fit or Fraud – The Top 5 Most Costly Mistakes Made by Personal Trainers

Way back in 1992 when I very first started my personal training business it seemed that everyone knew a trainer. Now days, it seems everyone is a trainer and that my friend is a very bad thing for the fitness industry, and an even worse thing for those who use personal trainers. Oh yes – the very industry of which I have been a part for 24 years has never been right, and from the look of things, it’s getting worse by the day. In gyms, personal training studios, and boot camps all over the country, people are paying high dollars for what they think is professional fitness advice, when in fact they’re getting nothing more than copy cat workouts, magazine advice, and a future full of joint injuries. I hear people all of the time say, “personal trainers cost an arm and a leg”. Actually, that’s exactly what most of them end up costing.

If you are currently using a personal trainer, or you are thinking about using one, take a look at these costly mistakes made by most trainers today. And if any of these apply to your current trainer; walk away while you still can.

The Top 5 Most Costly Mistakes Made by Personal Trainers


1.      Not correcting bad form and technique – This is the absolute number one problem with many trainers; they let their clients use bad form over and over again. It’s one of simplest things to correct but the longer it goes on, the closer the client is getting to injury. The problem is…the trainer probably exercises in the exact same way.

2.      Working clients to extreme soreness – One of the most damaging things a trainer can do to a client is make them endure extreme soreness. If you are having soreness that last for more than 72 hours or if you have to modify the way you walk, sit down, and do other every day movements, you’re doing way too much. Tell your trainer to back off.

3.      Making clients work through soreness – Another huge red flag! If you go to work out and you still have soreness in particular muscles and your trainer tells you it’s okay to work those muscles again…ask for a refund and don’t go back. While it’s okay to work out other muscles, you should NEVER workout muscles which are still sore; NO MATTER WHAT.

4.      Telling you joint pain is part of working out – If your trainer thinks it’s okay and even normal for you to experience slight joint pain during workouts, ask them to explain how this is okay. And after they come up with a faulty explanation, walk away and never go back. Any amount of joint pain is not normal and should be avoided with all exercise. There are modifications you can use to avoid any and all pain during exercise.

5.      Not emphasizing stretching – I see way too many trainers letting their clients walk away without stretching; this is another quick way to injury. Personal trainers should have their clients stretch before, during, and after exercise every single time they workout. In fact, ten minutes of every session should be devoted to stretching; regardless of the health of the client.

I could have very easily made the title of this article, “The Top 100 Most Costly Mistakes Made by Personal Trainers,” but I kept it short; for now. It really is a shame that I even have to write such an article but from the immense misguided and fraudulent advice given by the majority of our personal trainers today, I feel much of it can be avoided by knowing these five very costly mistakes made by trainers. And now you know, so if you continue letting your trainer give you bad and fraudulent fitness advice, that’s all on you. At least I did my part, and every single one of my clients can attest to that.

Bobby Whisnand – “The Exercise Doctor”