Five Things You Have to do to Live Your Best Life Possible

 Of the 7.3 billion people living on this earth today there is one thing that is certain for every single one of us; we all want to live our best lives possible. Am I right? Is it possible that every living soul in this world today can live their best lives regardless of the condition and means in which they live? If we apply Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to being happy, content, and living a great life, the only variable that distinguishes any difference in quality of life is the individual’s perception of their own life. Einstein was on to a lot more than he ever thought and if you look around the world today or simply log on to FaceBook, you’re going to see that happiness and contentment are definitely relative terms.

Whether you are completely content with your life, in desperate need of a long awaited emotional uplifting, or anywhere in between, I am going to give you the five things you have to do to live your best life possible. Let’s see how close you really are.

Five Things You Have to do to Live Your Best Life Possible

1. Strive for Independence – Life can be very emotional, overbearing, and demanding and we all need others to lean on from time to time to help us feel better. This is normal, but being constantly dependent on someone or something for one’s happiness and well being can really take its toll on a person’s quality of life. For this reason, I’m going to give you my three keys to help you take care of #1 and keep your independence.

  • Put yourself first – There are times when we all sacrifice our own needs for the good of others and to a certain point this is good, but you have to know where to draw the line. Think about it like this: If you want to continue to help others as much as you can, you have to take care of yourself first. Create a balance in your life and make sure you’re not neglecting your own health; both mental and physical. A big caring heart is awesome; just make sure it’s a healthy one too.
  • Avoid over committing yourself – I think it’s of great character to want to help others, but you have to be mindful not to put too much on your plate. Make sure you ALWAYS leave time in your schedule to do the things you love to do. Being rushed or overwhelmed is no fun and can lead to resenting yourself and others; keep it simple.
  • Learn to make yourself happy – being dependent on someone else for your happiness is a very hard way to live. It’s great to have someone who makes you happy but there’s a big difference in being happy with someone and being happy because of someone. Enjoy the happiness someone adds to your life but be very careful not to let this dictate how happy you really are. If it’s a trying, volatile, and draining relationship; take another look at #1 above and make your move to a happier place my friend.


 2. Improve Your Thoughts – We all know that it’s best to have a positive mind but life can make it very hard and challenging for us to do that. You can’t help but to have negative thoughts creep into your mind throughout your life, especially during trying and stressful times. The key is to limit how often this happens and for how long those negative thoughts stay in your mind. This is where you have to become good at managing your thoughts and the best way to do that is by using visualization and meditation. Once a day, take 4-5 minutes and find a secluded place with no distractions and visualize positive things like a great memory from your past, a happy time in your life, doing something you love to do, or doing something fun you’ve always wanted to do and haven’t done yet. Another very productive thing you can do is to visualize a stressful situation in your life and turn it into a positive outcome in your mind. This can be challenging but it’s extremely effective. 

3. Learn to Laugh; a lot – There’s a reason that it’s been said many times that laughter is the best medicine. I absolutely agree! Laughing just feels good; doesn’t it? I mean, you can’t really explain the feeling you get when you laugh but there’s no denying how good it makes you feel. To live your best life possible, you have to find a way to laugh every day; even if it’s laughing at yourself. There are several ways to make humor a part of your life like getting a book of jokes, finding funny pictures or articles on line, doing something funny to a friend or family member, or just thinking back to something funny from your past. However you do it, make laughter a part of your everyday life, and don’t be afraid of letting others hear you do it.

4. Treat Your Body Well – You don’t have to eat like a rabbit or spend your life in a gym; just do enough to keep your body healthy and working like it should. I’m not going to get into big details here but I am going to give you a few highpoints:

  • Stay away from processed and fried foods
  • Eat plenty of whole vegetables and fruits
  • Keep a healthy body weight and body fat percentage
  • Shoot for 30-45 minutes of moderate exercise for 3-5 days a week
  • Learn to exercise with correct form and technique (I have an entire book on this)
  • Don’t smoke!
  • Use alcohol in moderation
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night
  • Get those check ups

Treat your body now how you want it to treat you later in life.

5. Help Those less Fortunate – this is food for the soul. This is exactly what I have built my life around, and the good it has done me for 24 years is immeasurable. Find a way to give back and help those less fortunate by volunteering at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving or Christmas, help build a facility or playground for kids, volunteer at a hospital or long term care facility, or helping with any other event that for those in need. In my opinion, helping others in a time of need is as good for your heart as eating well and exercise. and it definitely puts things in perspective for you.

There are 7.3 billion people living in this world today and the problem is, there are too many who are simply alive and not nearly enough who are living their best lives possible. We all know about exercising and eating right to stay healthy but if my math is right, exercise and eating well is only about 20% of what we need to do to truly live our best life. We have to preserve our independence by first and foremost taking care of ourselves, managing our time, and being happy and content with ourselves as an individual. We then have to teach our brains how to stay positive even in tough times, learn to laugh every day, take care of our bodies, and feed our souls by giving our hearts to those less fortunate.  Living your best life possible doesn’t mean the same for everyone and according to Einstein, it doesn’t have to.

Bobby Whisnand is heavily endorsed throughout the medical community. He has authored three books and has just completed his corporate wellness enhancement program designed to motivate entire companies to better production in both work and home.  He is certified through the International Sports Science Association as a Specialist in Exercise Therapy and a Specialist in Sports Nutrition. He is also a Cooper Clinic Certified Personal Trainer and was a fitness expert for the American Heart Association.

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