Paying For Pain

Paying For Pain


Do you consider exercise and overall fitness as sound investments in your health and future well being? If so, do you also see hiring a personal trainer or “exercise expert” as money well spent to ensure you get the most out of your fitness and wellness routine? While I absolutely agree that investing in exercise and your overall fitness are the best and most important investments every single one of us could ever make, these “sure thing investments” are turning into something very costly causing many to pay for pain in more ways than one. I’m talking about how most personal trainers and exercise class instructors are teaching anything but health, costing many people much more than training fees and a gym membership.


There are two very costly things going on in the personal training industry today; people paying more than their car payment for bad fitness instruction per month, and many paying the ultimate price of a banged up body, depleted joints, and pain. The biggest mistake made by the public is thinking that fitness and pain go hand in hand and believe me; many personal trainers make a good living off this misconception. On top of that, the general notion is that if a trainer is certified and/or employed by a gym or personal training studio, they must know what they are doing. Well my friend, nothing could be further from the truth. If you want the truth about the personal training industry, here’s it is.


·         Teaching Bad Exercise – I’ve been a personal trainer for 24 years and I’ve known and watched thousands of different trainers with their clients and I can count on one hand the number of trainers who are doing it right. Most trainers are teaching bad form and technique, encouraging clients to work through pain and soreness, and overtraining their clients; all which lead to unhealthy joints and an unhealthy body.

·         No Accountability – There’s absolutely zero accountability in this industry. A personal trainer can do whatever they want without scrutiny. Who’s going to call them out except me? You and I can walk into any gym, personal training studio, exercise class, or boot camp and within 30 seconds with me, you’ll understand how bad it really is. “You can’t see what’s wrong if you don’t know what’s right.”

·         Trying to Imitate Physical Therapy – I’ve seen and overheard this more times than I can take. There are many trainers who will tell their clients that they can rehabilitate their injuries without their PT. This is a huge red light. My trainers and I are all Certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy and I would never say this to a client. Although we work with many people who have injuries, we always consult their PT and Doctor before starting any exercise program.

·         Piling Up Certifications – There are many trainers out there who have many impressive certifications but the application to correct exercise instruction is still missing. They are well educated but they still are not applying correct, functional, and safe exercise means and method to their clients. Why would they not do this? See “No Accountability” above. A potential client will see these certifications and think, “Wow, this person really knows what they are doing”. And again, this is where the misconception occurs.


In theory, using a personal trainer or exercise instructor seem like a great investment of money and time but in fact, your chances of attaining greater health from these instructors are very low and now you know why. Investing in exercise is a lot like investing in your financial future; you want to make the right moves now so you can move however you want in the future. And like financial advisors and investment brokers want to show you the quickest and safest way to wealth, personal trainers and exercise instructors are around every corner ready to show you the quickest way to health. Just be sure health is what you’re truly getting, and you’re not paying an arm and leg for it.