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Fitness Frauds: Exposing the Truth About Drugs, Lies and Flex Appeal
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The multi-billion-dollar fitness industry is bulging with lies and empty promises, and the unhealthy secrets are about to be revealed. In Fitness Frauds: Exposing the Truth About Drugs, Lies, and Flex Appeal, author Bobby Whisnand pulls no punches as he takes aim at the deception lurking behind virtually every aspect of the very industry responsible for building authentic health and wellness.

This book reveals shocking truths about fitness instructors and flimsy certifications; the rampant use of steroids and obsolete drug tests; weight-loss scams that shrink only our bank accounts; and the food industry’s cryptic and misleading labels. The revelations will change the way clients interact with their trainers and the way consumers everywhere view the latest ”get-fit-quick” schemes and decide what to put on their plates.

Fitness Frauds is filled with thought-provoking anecdotes and eye-opening statistics that drive home Whisnand’s point: The fitness industry is grossly out of shape, and a lesson on integrity is long overdue.