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It’s All Heart – Book


Product Description

This book will get you back in touch with the most important muscle in your entire body; your heart. With chapters like “Wait Management”, “Size Matters”, and “Mobility is the Real Gold”, you will learn that having a healthy heart goes well beyond exercise and eating right. With this first book, Bobby shows readers that having a healthy heart is as much about what you think, as it is about what you do.

It’s All Heart Reviews

It made me stop and think about my relationship with my heart and how I treat it. When your focus is always on weight or fitness, sometimes the importance of heart health gets lost in the shuffle. Bobby helps you turn that around in this book and turns the focus back to your heart. – Amazon reviewer “Amie540”

Wonderful, uplifting messages. Written as if he was talking to you. Common sense advice along with a true dose of motivation. Anticipating his next book!

– Amazon reviewer “Kindness Works