Strive for Five this Holiday Season

Fitness expert Bobby Whisnand advises to Strive for Five this holiday season to hold your waistline in check.
During the holiday season temptations increase as we’re offered tastes of home cooked, gourmet and old family recipes. The biggest challenge with the holidays is that it lasts for 6 weeks and opportunities to indulge in over eating and drinking are around every corner. His Strive for Five ways to help keep those extra holiday pounds at bay are uncomplicated and achievable.
Certified personal trainer, nutritionist and behavioral therapist, Bobby Whisnand, creator of the It’s All Heart fitness program endorsed by the American Heart Association, Dallas Division, says you can eat what you want without a penalty by following the Strive for Five simple guidelines.
Increase your activity. To counteract all those additional calories simply add a 5 – 10 minute walk after a heavy meal to speed up your metabolism and activate a little cardio activity.
Pace Yourself. Practice moderation in your splurges. You will enjoy the food and drink more and you won’t be wearing it in the New Year.
Remember that alcohol adds calories. Be smart with your cocktails and keep them as clean as possible. Avoid sweet and mixed drinks that have a lot of sugar in them and be really cautious with those special holiday drinks.
Eat before you go to a party. It sounds crazy, but this helps with spontaneous eating and especially eating the wrong things.
Think small when portioning food. It’s not the size of the food on the plate; it’s the size of the plate under the food. The calories in those small bites, like hors dourvres and mini sandwiches, add up when you load up. Use a small plate or napkin so that you pace what you eat, and don’t stack the food.
Follow these simple Strive for Five guidelines and enjoy the holiday season. You can still clean your plate for Mom and Grandma; just try to make the plate small and Strive for the Five: Increase Activity. Pace Yourself. Find more tips and advice from Bobby Whisnand or join the forum go to www.bobbywhisnand.com or follow him on Twitter @bobbywhisnand, Facebook or You Tube.