Bobby Whisnand Testimonials

It was great to have Bobby and his staff come to Midwestern State University

and speak to our students, faculty, staff, and alumni about fitness, nutrition, stress, and overall wellness.  The presentation was fun, informative, and extremely energetic.  Bobby’s knowledge of fitness related topics and his ability to transfer that knowledge to the audience was fantastic.  I would highly recommend having Bobby speak at your college, university, business, or corporation as a means to educate your staff towards a healthier and productive lifestyle.

-Dr. J. Greenwood, MSU


Bobby Whisnand has been such a tremendous asset to the Dallas Division of the American Heart Association (AHA).

His knowledge, passion and enthusiasm are contagious. He has spoken on behalf of the AHA to a wide array of audiences in North Texas about the importance of physical activity, nutrition and cardiovascular disease, and with each event – the reviews are amazing. Bobby genuinely cares about the health of everyone he encounters, and his ability to motivate the masses is incredible. With Bobby, it’s never a question of can we or can’t we…but an answer of “we will.” That type of attitude is one that is contagious.

 – Claire K. American Heart Association – Dallas Division

Keynote Speaker Testimonials

Friends! I went to listen to Bobby Whisnand speak last night. WOW!

Love him, the way he thinks, the way he speaks, the way he cares about individuals. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak or get one of his books …. DO!

One of his analogies that he had last night (he said it better) is that we should live our lives in ‘dog years’. We should live every year like seven years. We should live like we have only 15 years as a life time. Would you spend your time differently?

We also should follow the same main principles as a dog does … 1. Be loyal no matter what life does to you. 2. Forgive … yourself and others. 3. Appreciate the little things. He was very eloquent in discussing these three dog principles. You need to connect with him to hear more about it from him!

As you can tell I am a dog lover and this hit me hard.

 – Felissa J 


 We couldn’t have asked for a better representation

of fitness, exercise, nutrition, wellness, and health when Bobby came to speak to our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The knowledge he has is outstanding and his ability to deliver it in such an understandable and fun way is highly impressive.  He went above and beyond our expectations and gained grave reviews from all those who listen to him speak.  I wouldn’t hesitate having him back for any type of function for any audience in regards to health, wellness, fitness, etc.

- Caleb H., Assistant Director of Recreational Sports and Wellness Center, Midwestern State University


Lunch and a Big Shot of Life Testimonials

 Bobby Whisnand came out to the city of Quinlan to speak

and he immediately had to adjust his presentation because the restaurant had double booked and had given up our room to another party. It didn’t make one bit of difference to Bobby because he delivered the best, most inspirational speech about food and health ever heard. We all were very inspired about getting in better shape and I am looking forward to my follow up with Bobby in a couple of weeks as well as reading his books.

 – Cilla, W. Harlequin Solutions


I was so excited to attend a wellness luncheon where Bobby Whisnand was the speaker.

Bobby is an excellent motivational speaker.  He knows how to inspire others to take steps for better health and mobility.  His charismatic personality and great sense of humor keep the information flowing.  He is articulate and his ideas are inspirational and a reminder of everyday small solutions to keep working toward a goal of health and wellness.  It is all a journey.

- Dena H.


Thank you so very much for coming and taking your time to share your great insight

at our “Lunch and Learn” series. The presentation was well received by all our employees. It was very motivating to me personally, to look at the whole picture of wellness, nutrition, from a different perspective. Just to realize that I have some of the right pieces on nutrition and exercise but I just put them in the wrong place, order or function. And then I wonder why I don’t get the desired result. All the information that you touched on made great sense and can be easily applied. I purchased your book “12 Rounds” and I have already gotten started!

We need to arrange another visit for you to come to Etex Telephone Coop in the Piney Woods of East Texas again soon because there just really wasn’t enough time!

- Pam E.

Personal Training & Fitness Evaluation Testimonials

Having known and worked with Bobby for the last 7 years,

I don’t think I’ve met anyone as passionate and dedicated to educating, motivating and inspiring his clients.

 – Tammy B. BSN, RN, BC, CBN. Director Methodist Weight Management Institute


Just wanted you to know

that I have been going over the evaluations from the Weight Loss Seminar, and you and your presentation were listed repeatedly as one of the favorite parts for the attendees! Thank you again for your enthusiasm and motivation. You are awesome!”

- Heather H. RN, BSN, MS. Medical City Dallas Hospital



I finally choose to have weight loss surgery to help improve and elongate my life. After the surgery, I was educated that I would also need to incorporate an exercise program into my daily life, to help strengthen my body and to help with the additional weight loss. As you can guess, since I’ve been morbidly obese for so long, I don’t care much for exercise. In our monthly weight loss support group, Bobby Whisnand and his fellow trainer, Justin Neilsen, came to speak on his It’s All Heart exercise program. In their speal, yes at first I thought Great, I have to sit through some junk I don’t care about, but while sitting through it, I found that their exercises didn’t have to be as grueling as I thought they would have to be. In fact, I found that they didn’t have to hurt as much either to achieve the desired result. Thank goodness I thought. After their presentation, I purchased his Level 1 at home workout kit and also spoke to him about their personal training services.

I followed up with both Bobby and Justin a few days later for a personal evaluation on what I could and couldn’t take in regards to personal training and I hired Justin on the spot. The fact that they have worked with weight loss patients in the past and know what it’s like to have weight issues, means a lot. They understand the issues you go through. Currently I have been working with Justin for five weeks now and I am loving it. For someone who has never been one to ever like exercising, I actually enjoy getting up in the mornings to meet with him at the gym to work out. I’ve never had a personal trainer before, but Justin works with me a great deal – he explains exactly what we’re going to do and he’s very patient with me. I know I’m still slow on some of the things he has me doing, but he’s always quick with a smile and says that I’m doing great and not to worry. And he’s always watchful to make sure that I’m doing everything correct so I don’t hurt or injury myself. Every week I’m finding that I can stretch or move farther or better than I have in a long time.

I would definitely recommend Bobby and Justin to anyone who is just starting out with a trainer for the first time or if they need someone to really kick their butt into gear. These guys are the greatest and I am so happy and lucky that they came into my support group that day. I don’t know where I’d be without the two of them. Thanks guys!!!!!

- Cari S.



Earlier this year, I experienced two very bad falls. I broke my upper arm, dislocated my elbow and damaged my shoulder. After six months of healing and physical therapy, I had still not regained full use of my arm and shoulder. My balance was off and I feared leaving my house, scared of falling again.

 I knew I needed very special, personalized type of help. After a futile search for a personal trainer, I was lucky to find Bobby Whisnand and Justin Nielsen. They came to my home and conducted a full assessment. The biggest difference between them and the other trainers I had talked to was that they listened! They didn’t offer me a pre-programmed plan. They asked questions and listened while I explained what I wanted to accomplish. Their interest and level of compassion inspired me to be very candid with them. We arranged to begin three sessions a week.

 It was hard; but Justin’s encouragement and knowledge instilled confidence in me. The techniques they use are not like other personal training I’ve experienced. They constantly assess and adjust the exercises based on my progress. With each week, I saw results in the range of motion of my arm and shoulder, in my balance, and in my walking. I began to feel stronger and less fearful. I feel better than I have in a couple of years. I plan on continuing to work with these amazing trainers, taking advantage of their knowledge, experience, gentleness, strength and caring.

-Pam B.