The Exercise Doc – for when your workout is sick!

How would you feel if you learned that the very things you have been doing for years in your exercise routine were actually making your body sick and robbing years and quality from your life? It sounds ridiculous right? What if the very way you are exercising is the main cause of that nagging back and joint pain you often feel? Could it be that the very thing you do in your exercise routine is inching you closer and closer to immobility and joint replacement surgery? Unfortunately, most of the people I see exercising are doing more harm than good and the worst part of it is; they have no idea.

How does this happen? Think about this: If you put one tire on your vehicle that was one size smaller than the other three, what do you think will happen? Probably nothing at first except maybe your vehicle pulls a little to one side but not enough to notice. But, the more you drive it, the worse things get because it’s throwing everything off about your vehicle and if you don’t replace that tire with the right size very soon, the issues will only compound into premature wear and tear on all four tires, the suspension, and other parts. Your body is the exact same except once you wear out a joint, bulge or rupture a disc, or create an imbalance, the cost of repairs are astronomical and seemingly never ending.

If you want to know the truth about your exercise program, whether you’re using a personal trainer or not, make an appointment with Bobby Whisnand, “The Exercise Doc” and find out once and for all if you’re killing your workouts or your workouts are killing you.

Bobby Whisnand and his team of trainers are all certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy and can help you rebalance your body, have ultimate mobility, and help you truly add time and quality to your life.

Bobby Whisnand and his team of trainers are not medical doctors. They do not prescribe medication, physical therapy, or practice pain management.