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The Exercise Doctor: The Glass is Half Empty

I’ve never been one to look at anything as half full, and I hope I can convince you to do the same. While I do understand the positive connotations that go along with this age old saying, perceiving things as “half full” way to often lends itself to the association that half full is good enough. And in a world where we are not nearly half way to where we need to be, looking at things as half full is indeed a slippery slope my friends.


As a world, a country, and as individuals, we all have to take on a proactive attitude and start finishing the jobs in front of us instead of leaving them half way done, and that includes our personal health. One of my earliest life lessons as a child was to never do anything half a_ _; you either did right or you did over until you got it right. Well, from where I sit and from being on the front lines fighting to revive a world riddled and smothered with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, and laziness, I see a whole bunch of people being satisfied with things being half full.


And that my friend is where the real changes need to be made. If we are ever to dig ourselves out from under our many self imposed health issues, political problems, and dependency on others to help us do what we should be doing for ourselves, we absolutely have to start looking at the glass as half empty because half full hasn’t and will never get us anywhere.