The Exercise Programs:


The Exercise Programs:

Bobby has designed fitness programs for all walks of life, varying levels of ability, and different exercise or preferences. With Bobby’s programs you’ll not only learn how to exercise in the exact right ways for your needs, abilities, and goals, you’ll be able to work out in ways that fit your lifestyle, your schedule, and your preferences. Take a look below and see all of what Bobby has to offer you in exercise:

iahsingleIt’s All Heart Level 1 and Level 2


Bobby designed these programs for those new to exercise and for those who have mobility, balance, and energy issues. With these programs you will learn how to exercise correctly no matter your health issues. These programs combine resistance and cardiovascular activity and include all the equipment you need to exercise in your own home. Bobby’s It’s All Heart programs are prescribed by doctors and surgeons in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area.








12 Rounds Version 1


In this first version of 12 Rounds, you will get “A Day To Day Guide To A Better Life” and 12 Rounds Workout. You will be prompted throughout your daily guide to use your 12 Rounds workout where you will follow a pre-written workout for 12 full weeks. This workout was designed to be done with gym equipment so make sure you have access to a gym.








12rounds2single12 Rounds Version 2


buynowWith this second version, you will get “A Day To Day Guide To A Better Life” but it does not include the 12 Rounds workout. In this second version, you will be given daily exercise suggestions instead of a complete written workout. This is for those who wish to continue using their own workout or for those not sure about exercise at this point.











The Trainers: trainers

Bobby and all of his trainers are ISSA Certified Specialists in Exercise Therapy. This means they have special training and experience in working with individuals who have pain and mobility issues including athletes, patients, or anyone who has a joint injury or joint pain. Below you can see some of the issues with which they specifically work and how to get started with Bobby or one of his trainers.

Please note that we are not physical therapist or doctors although we work in conjunction with many medical professionals. We are exercise therapists who help you transition from rehabilitation back to a daily fitness routine and work to help you alleviate pain and discomfort from your current health issue. We do not diagnose or prescribe any medicine but work to help you regain strength, mobility, and quality of life through correct functional exercise.

If you feel exercise therapy is right for you, we suggest “The Exercise Doctor” program for you. Just click here to learn more.

Bobby Whisnand has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Biology, is an International Sports Science Association Certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy, is International Sports Science Association Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition, and a Cooper Clinic Certified Personal Trainer. He has dedicated his life to helping people achieve their healthiest potential. Bobby has the expertise and experience to help you build your best and healthiest body possible.

Justin Nielsen is Bobby Whisnand’s head trainer and program director. Justin was once a personal training client of Bobby’s, through his guidance and motivation Justin saw himself transform from the inside out. Through his success Justin has developed a drive to help others achieve their own transformations, and has become a certified personal trainer. Justin brings his own unique experience to training and knows what it takes to get you to exceed your health and fitness goals.


exctherapysingleExercise Therapy:

Common issues and injuries with which we have worked

  • Back – Sciatica, spinal stenosis, disc degeneration, lamenectomies, discectomies, and fusions
  • Hip – partial and total hip replacements, arthritis, chronic hip pain
  • Shoulder – replacements, reconstructions, and chronic pain
  • Knees – replacements, ligament injury, and arthritis
  • Tendonitis and inflammation – tendonitis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain

Pre and Post Operation Fitness Evaluations 

Ask your doctor and he will tell you how beneficial it is for you to exercise both before and after surgery if possible. If approved by your doctor, exercise before surgery can help you during your surgery and help you recover much faster after surgery but you have to be very careful. Bobby and his team can design specific exercise routines for you both before and after surgery while considering all of your current health issues and help you regain your mobility, strength, and energy so you can get on with your life after surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Fitness 

Having weight loss surgery means you have taken a great step toward a longer and healthier life. Exercise and fitness are very important parts of your journey, both before and after your surgery. You may think and feel that exercise is impossible for you for various reasons, but we have the solution for you. Over the last 10 years, Bobby has had the pleasure of performing fitness evaluations and providing personal training for over 3,500 weight loss surgery patients. He has also had the pleasure of speaking at over 100 support group meetings, demonstrating exercises for all phases of weight loss surgery including pre and post operation.

Please contact us for personal training rates: 214-926-2639