Visualization – The Real Brain Food!

What’s one of your all time greatest memories? Think about it for a second. What you’re more than likely doing is seeing this memory in your mind’s eye with pictures, sounds, colors, and other associations. It’s just what our minds do when we recall something from our past, but isn’t it amazing how your mind can instantly call upon a memory and translate it into a picture from your past? As we go through our lives, we build a collection of memories in the form of pictures and with these pictures come countless associations of emotions which lead to a very significant effect on our body even years after a particular event in our lives. I’m talking about the physiological effects like that funny feeling in your stomach, nervousness, laughter, anxiety, happiness, feeling of sadness, and even a smile that happen when you simply think back and start to relive an event from your past. We are hard wired to be physically effected from what we think, and that my friend is where you can make the biggest most productive changes in your life.

Your mind absolutely loves pictures, so why not give it what it wants? Training your body to get healthier is one thing, but when you train your brain to lead the way, a whole new world opens up to a better life for you. I call this “Seeing I to Eye” which simply means getting your brain to see exactly what it is you really want to be in life. This is done by using an extremely powerful method that every single one of us has built in to our minds. It’s called visualization, and if you use it correctly, you and your brain will start to get on the same page.

Many athletes, public speakers, performers, engineers, architects, and people who meditate use visualization to be successful at their craft. They actually picture or visualize themselves doing what they are about to do before they actually do it. Think about it like this: What happens when an architect gets a job to build a house. The architect listens to their client about what it is they want the house to look like, they picture it in their mind, draw it up as a design, and then build it. The key is, they had to see it in their mind first, draw it, and then build it. Once their mind got a “picture” of what it should look like, the rest followed suit. You are your own architect, so let’s go build a better you. Take a look at these steps to “Seeing I to Eye” and feed your brain a healthy dose of pictures.

Keys to Seeing I to Eye

  • Leave your phone behind or turn it completely off.
  • Go to a secluded and quiet place where you will have no distractions or interruption.
  • Clear your mind and relax by concentrating on your breathing. Breathe in deeply and let it out slowly for a minute or so until you are relaxed. You can breathe in over 3-4 seconds and let it out over 7-8 seconds.
  • Keep it simple. Start by visualizing a happy or fun event from your past and take 2-3 minutes reliving this event, but be as specific as you can by seeing colors, specific clothes you’re wearing, hearing sounds, feeling the wind, sun, or other weather effects, and even hearing other people’s voices who were with you. Repeat this for a few days and use different events from your life; just make sure they are positive.
  • After the first few days, start visualizing specific things you want to accomplish in your life like advancing in your career, getting and feeling healthier, being happier, making more money, or doing things you never thought were possible. Be sure to use very specific details while you are visualizing and always end with a very positive image.
  • Start a journal of things you visualize and use descriptive words when writing them.
  • Get in the habit of visualizing every day for at least 4-5 minutes, but make sure it’s in a very quiet and non-distracting place.

Your mind is made to think, and it uses your thoughts, experiences, and emotions just like your body uses food. And just like your body uses the food you eat for fuel, your mind uses your thoughts and memories as its fuel as well. When you use visualization as a way to feed your mind positive thoughts and as a way to communicate to your mind exactly what you want out of life, your brain is one well fed and happy organ. Just make sure you feed it often; it’s got a lot of room up there.

BobbyWhisnand, “The Exercise Doctor”