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Why Your Fitness is a Business Decision

The goals with any company, both big and small, are to thrive, be efficient in its workings, and to make constant progress toward profit and growth — all while maintaining the integrity and strength of its products. And when it comes to making business decisions within a company, those decisions will impact everything and will eventually determine how well a company does today and more importantly, how well it does in the future. We have these exact same goals for our bodies and the decisions we make in our lives on how we treat it with or without exercise will most certainly determine how well we function in the future and more specifically, how long we’re really going to last. To me, that makes the means and methods of fitness you choose, the most important business decision you’ll ever make.

Just like in business, making decisions in fitness are not without risk and when a bad decision is made, the effects can greatly hamper the way you move and can eventually put your body out of business. Let’s face it, the workings of a business are a lot like the workings of the human body; it can look great on the outside, but it’s on the inside where true health resides. For this reason, I’m going to give you the three best decisions you could ever make when it comes to the business of your body. 

Develop a Strong Long Lasting Product – We’ve all purchased things that looked great and sturdy on the outside but when we started using them, they just fell apart. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bodies in the fitness industry that look great, but on the inside; they are depleted, weak, and very aged. When it comes to developing a strong body that will last, there are three things that must be a part of your exercise routine: 

1.      Avoid pain at all cost – if you have pain when you exercise, go see your doctor to find the real source. Once you understand the injury, a physical therapist can help you modify your exercises to avoid pain and further damage. Whatever you do; don’t work through pain!

2.      Protect your joints – SLOW DOWN on resistance exercises. Take five full seconds on every resistance exercise you do and pause at the top and bottom of each rep. Remember; cartilage is a commodity and if you go too fast during resistance exercises and jerk your joints around, it will be gone very quickly.

3.      NEVER exercise a sore muscle – This is a BIG mistake made by many people. It’s very simple; if you have soreness in a particular muscle or muscle group (especially legs), avoid exercising that group. If a muscle is sore, it is a guarantee it is not fully recuperated so let it heal up before you exercise it again. Also, if you are having soreness that last for more than 72 hours or you have soreness which causes you to modify the way you walk and move, you’re doing too much. Lighten up and do less.

Listen to Your Customers – Most companies have customer service and one thing is for sure; customers will definitely tell you when something is wrong with your product. With your fitness, you have to listen to your #1 customer; your body. At least 50% of the people I know who exercise are over training and they have the constant soreness, low energy, and depleted immune system to prove it. When you over train, every part of your body takes a hit; especially your immune system which leads to you getting sick way more often than you should be. Pay close attention to your body and watch for signs of over training like sore and achy joints, low energy, decreases in strength and stamina, being moody, catching more colds than usual, and an overall dull feeling. Keep a journal on your exercise activity and results and when you first start to notice these changes, take a few days off, slow down, and do less exercise overall.

Take Care of Your Employees –Typically if a company has happy and healthy employees their production is great, and the exact same thing goes for the inside of your body. Like I stated earlier, many people look great on the outside but on the inside, there’s a whole other story. Here are three things you can do to make sure your workforce is at an optimal and productive level.

1.      Keep Learning – Most companies have training and continuing educational systems designed to keep their employees up to date on product and company changes. You can do the same with your nutrition and exercise plan. In terms of nutrition, the best thing you can do is to take a course on nutrition and learn for yourself about food and how your body uses it. This way you can fully understand what and when to eat without being confused from the many contradictions about nutrition. As far as exercise, you have your choice of countless means and methods but the key is to pick the one that best suits your time and schedule, abilities, goals, and preferences. And while you’re at it, make sure it’s safe.

2.      Know your numbers – This is exactly why companies have CPAs; so they can see when their numbers are telling them something is off with their finances. Know your numbers by getting regular check-ups and make sure you know and understand your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar numbers. These are the silent killers and can wreck your life if you don’t keep them in check.

3.      Keep everyone happy – When there are angry and disgruntled employees within a company, it can cause serious issues with work morale which have lasting impacts on a company’s production. Your body is the same way and when your mind is not able to remove a stressful issue, everything about you takes a hit. I believe the two most important things you can do to manage stress is to practice visualization or relaxation techniques, and to laugh. Take 2-3 minutes every day and go to a quiet secluded place without any distractions, relax, and think of something pleasant. In addition, find a way to laugh every day; it’s food for the soul.

The workings within a company are a lot like the workings within the body; they both have a bunch of moving parts with each part affecting the other in one way or another. Moreover, it’s the decisions we make in both business and our fitness that have lasting impacts both now and in our future. Some make it and some don’t, but the real shame is when one goes down because they kept making the same bad decisions over and over again when all they had to do was change just a few small things. The bottom line with any company is the same as it is with fitness; move things now in a way that you’ll still have them to move around on down the road. Sounds like good business sense to me.